Affiliate Benefits

For Dermatology Practices

Your practice has unique needs. PhyNet Dermatology is prepared to offer comprehensive services that make sense to our affiliates in any stage of development, whether two dermatology practices are considering merging, an established practice is considering strategic growth and looking to improve its bottom line, or a new practice wants assurance that everything is being done to ensure compliance and maximum operational efficiency.

We can help you:

  • Evaluate Your Practice
  • Complete Financial Planning
  • Plan an Exit Strategy

For Dermatologists

We invest in your personal growth. Dermatologists are at the heart of what we do, as our affiliate practices are built around physicians driven by a desire to provide the best possible care to patients.

Whether a dermatologist is at the very beginning of a long career or is approaching the point where retirement is an attainable goal, PhyNet Dermatology offers services designed to propel each doctor forward into the next steps in his or her personal journey. We put administrative tasks in the hands of an experienced team with centralized resources so you can put the focus on what matters to you, from professional development to new partnerships and opportunities, including:

  • Residency and Fellowships
  • New Location Planning, Scouting, and Development
 Affiliate Benefits

What Support is Your Practice Missing?

Practice Evaluation

Once a physician becomes a PhyNet Dermatology affiliate, members of our experienced team collaborate with the practice to mitigate risks, identify cost savings, and implement strategies to ensure the practice is positioned to be as successful as possible. Practice evaluations include financial reviews, compliance reviews, and an operations review to equip the physician with the necessary tools to better achieve practice and career goals.

Since these practice evaluations are exceedingly thorough, they are exclusively reserved for dermatology and dermatopathology practices that are PhyNet Dermatology affiliates. It is important to note these practice evaluations commence upon the signing of definitive agreements, as the sooner areas for improvement are identified, the faster you are able to become more efficient. There are several takeaways our affiliates receive with these practice evaluations. For instance, our analysis may reveal that adding a new doctor or physician extender would enable the practice to become more efficient. It is also possible that the analysis will reveal the need for expansion opportunities in different geographies. When armed with this knowledge and collaborating with an aligned stakeholder, you can determine the future steps of your practice with confidence.

PhyNet welcomes new physicians to the network with incentive plans designed to maximize revenue along with efficiency.

Location Scouting and Expansion

Looking to expand your current practice? Wondering how to start a new medical practice location? PhyNet provides the resources and expertise required to expand your current practice organically or through de novo or merger and acquisitions.

PhyNet collaborates with our practice affiliates to meet their strategic growth needs. From supplemental medical service line expansion to opening a new medical practice location, PhyNet will bring its resources and expertise to support every stage of the process. As a result, our dermatologist affiliates are liberated from the administrative risks and burdens of expansion, allowing them to focus their efforts on continuing to provide quality medical care for their patients.

Our support and services for practice expansion include:

  • Initial assessments
  • Market research
  • Systems and technology
  • Recruiting quality medical and administrative staff, including mid-level providers and physicians
  • Legal, risk, and regulatory compliance
  • Budget and financial planning
 Affiliate Benefits

Resource and Revenue Planning

Affiliating with PhyNet means monetizing your practice, as well as becoming a shareholder in a growing network of dermatologists committed to outstanding patient care. Because affiliation improves efficiency as well as a physician's ability to focus more fully on high-quality treatments instead of administrative burdens, profitability naturally increases. Dermatology practice management is primarily about equipping doctors to pursue their passion and practice medicine the way they want, but PhyNet's services that allow this focus also come with a variety of financial advantages.

PhyNet welcomes new physicians to the network with incentive plans designed to maximize revenue along with efficiency.

Dermatology Practice Exit Support

Just as starting or joining a practice requires planning on the part of a physician, moving on to a new phase also requires preparation. PhyNet Dermatology gives physicians who are thinking about business exit planning support in their transition planning so that the dermatologists at the heart of the practice can continue to devote their attention to the patients themselves. By partnering with PhyNet, physicians can finish strong when it comes to closing a specific chapter, allowing them to take their next steps with confidence.

Freedom To Grow Together

Whether you’ve been looking to add locations, complete a fellowship, or pursue a residency, our comprehensive administrative support and practice management gives you the freedom to grow and advance your patient care, develop your practice, and achieve your professional goals. Let’s talk today about what we can do together for you, your staff, and your patients.


Put your patients at the center of your practice with our expert oversight and support. The PhyNet alignment management business model allows us to establish true partnerships with our physicians and their practices, collaborating together on everything from clinical operations to new services and treatments.



Navigating and negotiating leasing agreements is probably not what you want your staff to be focusing on. Allow us to negotiate and manage these agreements for you while providing your practice with valuable legal counsel and guidance.



Your dermatology practice has to abide by specific state and federal guidelines. We ensure your facility is compliant with all applicable laws and monitor all changes in state and federal law that affect dermatologists, their staff, and their patients.



Integrate your practice management software with accounting resources and protect your practice while serving your patients with integrity.



Your employees’ benefits, payroll, and other human resources tasks can be time-consuming. Our oversight streamlines all your HR processes and provides ongoing training so your employees are happier and more engaged in their work.

Partners of PhyNet Dermatology also benefit from the resources of a large network committed to staying up to date with the latest in technology, human resources, laws, regulations, and other crucial areas. Learn how our advanced management strategies and intuitive systems can help you achieve your goals.

What Our Physicians Are Saying

Dermatology is a wonderful specialty, but after 29 years in practice, the administrative burdens were only getting more, not less, time consuming. When my partners and I decided to streamline our lives and monetize the value we had built up over decades, we very deliberately met with all the players in the market. PhyNet was clearly the best partner for our practice, and was our unanimous choice. The PhyNet people are very experienced, easy to work with, and have greatly eased the administrative burdens of running our practice. They have a vision for our future and are dynamically growing our practice. Definitely the right choice for our group.” 

Massachusetts Dermatologist

29 Years of Experience

For the last 19 years, I have provided medical and cosmetic dermatological care to patients in Florida. Our practice prides ourselves on providing exceptional quality of medical care to our patients. Last year, my practice made the decision to align with PhyNet Dermatology to provide day-to-day management services. My partners and I believed the change was necessary in order to continue to provide the level of care our patients have come to expect from the practice. Our experience has been excellent. My partners and I are still able to provide the same level of clinical care to our patients, and we have been alleviated from the responsibilities of administratively managing the practice.” 

Florida Dermatologist

19 Years of Experience

I was in practice for 22 years before I chose to go with PhyNet. Choosing to join them was definitely the right decision for me. They have many years of experience running physician practices and know what kind of support physicians need in order to be successful. They've taken away most of my administrative hassles without being disruptive or changing the way I practice. I am happier and more efficient than ever.” 

Massachusetts Dermatologist

22 Years of Experience

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