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How to Expand or Start a New Medical Practice Location

Strategically Grow and Expand With PhyNet Dermatology

Looking to expand your current practice? Wondering how to start a new medical practice location? PhyNet provides the resources and expertise required to expand your current practice organically or through de novo or merger and acquisitions.

PhyNet collaborates with our practice affiliates to meet their strategic growth needs. From supplemental medical service line expansion to opening a new medical practice location, PhyNet will bring its resources and expertise to support every stage of the process. As a result, our dermatologist affiliates are liberated from the administrative risks and burdens of expansion, allowing them to focus their efforts on continuing to provide quality medical care for their patients.

Our support and services for practice expansion include:

  • Initial assessments.
  • Market research.
  • Systems and technology.
  • Recruiting quality medical and administrative staff, including mid-level providers and physicians.
  • Legal, risk, and regulatory compliance.
  • Budget and financial planning.

Discover what PhyNet Dermatology can do for physicians who want to know how to start a new medical practice location. Call (615) 224-7755 or send a message online.

Our Markets Speak for themselves

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