Medical Practice Accounting


PhyNet Dermatology understands the business of medicine, which is why accounting services are a large part of our practice management strategy. By focusing on the business half of the business of medicine, PhyNet frees physicians to focus on the medicine itself. That means doctors can provide top-quality care for patients instead of micromanaging medical billing and coding, tracking down every dollar possible through collections, and keeping track of documents for tax records and other purposes.

Medical practice accounting includes a wide range of services, from information technology to financial oversight. Thanks to dedicated collaboration between our expanding physician network and experienced business professionals focused on medical practice management, PhyNet can handle virtually any non-clinical aspect of a dermatology practice.

Why Choose PhyNet for Medical Practice Accounting Services?

As a doctor, you dedicated decades to your education and training so you could help patients, not so you could spend hours each week on accounting and bookkeeping. So PhyNet created a network of affiliates to oversee accounting tasks, and to excel at them in order to maximize revenue for your dermatology practice.

By affiliating, physicians find that they no longer have to worry about countless medical practice accounting details. That means an improved work-life balance for better quality of life—even if your patient load increases.

Affiliates choose PhyNet for medical practice accounting so they can:

  • Focus on maintaining high standards of patient care
  • See their own practice effectively monetized
  • Gain access to resources available only to a national network of dermatologists, including advisors and a business team
  • Grow their practice

What Does Medical Practice Management with PhyNet Entail?

Proper medical practice accounting ensures that the financial aspects of your dermatology practice run smoothly, consistently, and as expected. When you become a PhyNet affiliate:

  • Bills are paid on time
  • Vendor relationships and payments are effectively managed
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable are accurate and efficient
  • Payment processes are secure and HIPAA-compliant

PhyNet's broad network includes associates with deep expertise in all of these areas and more, providing experienced leadership in dermatology practice accounting that you, your staff, and your vendors can trust. Your accounting will be streamlined with the rest of your practice management through innovative best practices and intuitive software.

We are committed to protecting the integrity of your dermatology clinic, patients, and staff through sound financial and accounting practices. We give you the bandwidth to pursue your passion for patient care in ways previously unavailable to you due to the pressures of bookkeeping and accounting.

Joining PhyNet is not about handing over control; it is about giving yourself the freedom to be the best doctor you can be.

Streamline Your Medical Practice Accounting Today

PhyNet affiliation includes a practice evaluation to identify aspects of the business that can be further improved to maximize efficiency and revenue.

Focus on your patients without getting lost in the red tape.

Contact PhyNet Dermatology today to become an affiliate and get accounting support for your dermatology practice. Call (615) 224-7755 or send a message online.


Put your patients at the center of your practice with our expert oversight and support. The PhyNet alignment management business model allows us to establish true partnerships with our physicians and their practices, collaborating together on everything from clinical operations to new services and treatments.



Navigating and negotiating leasing agreements is probably not what you want your staff to be focusing on. Allow us to negotiate and manage these agreements for you while providing your practice with valuable legal counsel and guidance.



Your dermatology practice has to abide by specific state and federal guidelines. We ensure your facility is compliant with all applicable laws and monitor all changes in state and federal law that affect dermatologists, their staff, and their patients.



Integrate your practice management software with accounting resources and protect your practice while serving your patients with integrity.



Your employees’ benefits, payroll, and other human resources tasks can be time-consuming. Our oversight streamlines all your HR processes and provides ongoing training so your employees are happier and more engaged in their work.

Partners of PhyNet Dermatology also benefit from the resources of a large network committed to staying up to date with the latest in technology, human resources, laws, regulations, and other crucial areas. Learn how our advanced management strategies and intuitive systems can help you achieve your goals.

What Our Physicians Are Saying

For the last 19 years, I have provided medical and cosmetic dermatological care to patients in Florida. Our practice prides ourselves on providing exceptional quality of medical care to our patients. Last year, my practice made the decision to align with PhyNet Dermatology to provide day-to-day management services. My partners and I believed the change was necessary in order to continue to provide the level of care our patients have come to expect from the practice. Our experience has been excellent. My partners and I are still able to provide the same level of clinical care to our patients, and we have been alleviated from the responsibilities of administratively managing the practice.” 

Florida Dermatologist

19 Years of Experience

Dermatology is a wonderful specialty, but after 29 years in practice, the administrative burdens were only getting more, not less, time consuming. When my partners and I decided to streamline our lives and monetize the value we had built up over decades, we very deliberately met with all the players in the market. PhyNet was clearly the best partner for our practice, and was our unanimous choice. The PhyNet people are very experienced, easy to work with, and have greatly eased the administrative burdens of running our practice. They have a vision for our future and are dynamically growing our practice. Definitely the right choice for our group.” 

Massachusetts Dermatologist

29 Years of Experience

I was in practice for 22 years before I chose to go with PhyNet. Choosing to join them was definitely the right decision for me. They have many years of experience running physician practices and know what kind of support physicians need in order to be successful. They've taken away most of my administrative hassles without being disruptive or changing the way I practice. I am happier and more efficient than ever.” 

Massachusetts Dermatologist

22 Years of Experience

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