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Human Resources For Your Dermatology Practice

By handling these and other employee-related necessities, we increase productivity, lower risk, and give doctors the freedom to devote their time and energy to the patients themselves—which can improve morale in clinical and non-clinical staff, as well as contribute to greater patient satisfaction and practice profitability.

Partner with PhyNet to manage human resources for your dermatology practice by calling (615) 224-7755 or sending a message online.


Successful dermatology practices run efficiently, but a physician's focus should be on treating the patient, not on remembering how many vacation days an employee has left. Employees are inclined to do their best when they are comfortable and secure in the knowledge that their needs are being met, most basically by a steady paycheck. PhyNet affiliates no longer concern themselves with payroll details as we take care of payroll administration. This includes everything from ensuring timely delivery of wages to calculating withholdings and paying taxes to tracking time off due to vacation and sickness. Since PhyNet also handles medical practice accounting, payroll management and the impact of payroll on the dermatology practice's overall profitability are seamlessly integrated.


Satisfied employees who contribute to a stable work environment at a dermatology practice are also those who feel appreciated on a human level. Physicians can demonstrate care for their team by affiliating with PhyNet so employee benefits—including medical; dental; vision; 401K; vacation, sick, and other paid time off; short and long-term disability; life and disability insurance; and more—are being handled by business professionals skilled and experienced in this specific area of human resources.

Other Human Resources Services

Human resources for a dermatology practice encompass a wide variety of responsibilities, including the maintenance of a working staff via hiring and firing, as well as handling employee reviews, workplace complaints, grievances, employee discipline, and even workers' compensation claims. Resolving disputes within the office is a significant responsibility. Putting PhyNet in the position to serve as human resources keeps you out of the middle. Not only does this reduce friction between the physician and practice staff, it reduces risk.

Human resources also ensures that a dermatology practice is current with the latest tax laws on the state and federal level. Employee rules and regulations can be complex, detailed, and ever changing, encompassing workplace safety, employee interactions, mandatory breaks, overtime, and other aspects of office life. PhyNet stays up to date on all of these variables and more so physicians can stay up to date on the latest in medical technology and techniques that improve the lives of their patients.

Handling human resources at a dermatology practice requires significant time, effort, expertise, and legal burden—all of which PhyNet is prepared to shoulder thanks to our large physician network and dedicated team members.

Eliminate the HR headache. Contact PhyNet today to become an affiliate dermatology practice that no longer worries about human resources. Call (615) 224-7755 or send a message online.