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Medical Practice Management

Medical practice management includes a wide range of services, from information technology to financial oversight. Thanks to dedicated collaboration between our expanding physician network and experienced business professionals focused on medical practice management, PhyNet can handle virtually any non-clinical aspect of a dermatology practice.

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Why Choose PhyNet for Medical Practice Management Services?

As a doctor, you dedicated decades to your education and training so you could help patients, not so you could spend hours each week on tedious administrative paperwork and keeping tabs on electricity bills and employees' vacation days. Still, those are necessary details, which is why PhyNet created a network of affiliates designed to not just take over these administrative tasks, but to excel at them in order to maximize revenue.

Affiliates choose PhyNet for medical practice management so they can:

  • focus solely on their high standards of patient care.
  • see their own practice effectively monetized.
  • gain access to resources available only to a national network of dermatologists, including advisors and a business team.
  • grow their practice.

By affiliating, physicians find that they no longer have to worry about countless medical practice management details, a move that can improve their work/life balance for an overall better quality of lifeā€”even if the practice's patient load increases.

Since administrative burdens grow as more patients translate to potential facilities expansions and greater staffing requirements, PhyNet's medical practice management services scale with the practice. The PhyNet medical practice management system is designed to meet each affiliate's specific needs based on size, location, and a number of other factors, with our collaborative network providing solutions to a diverse set of challenges specific to dermatology practices.

Ultimately, PhyNet affiliation greatly reduces the uncertainty that doctors face due to a disproportionate amount of time spent on routine medical practice management tasks. Working with a more seasoned and diverse management team can stabilize income, establish greater security, and mitigate risks, allowing physicians to transition to spending their time and energy on looking forward, whether to chart a career path through specialty areas of their medical discipline or to take confident steps toward retirement.

What Does Medical Practice Management with PhyNet Entail?

Proper medical practice management ensures that every non-clinical administrative aspect of a dermatology practice runs smoothly, consistently, and as expected. This involves paying vendors and bills on time and establishing a system for receiving payments in a timely manner. HIPAA compliance, medical marketing and accounting, and even professional development can require constant attention due to ever-changing regulations and laws. PhyNet's broad network includes affiliates and associates with deep expertise in all of these areas and more, providing experienced leadership in dermatology regulatory compliance, medical practice accounting, human resources (including payroll services and benefits, such as medical, dental, vision, 401K, paid time off, disability, and life insurance), and practice marketing.

Specifically, PhyNet's medical practice management services include:

  • practice operations management.
  • physician partnership management.
  • revenue cycle management.
  • electronic medical record implementation and management.
  • information technology and systems.
  • centralized scheduling through our call center.
  • patient and referral source marketing.
  • financial management and oversight.
  • business and malpractice insurance.
  • legal and regulatory compliance.
  • human resources.
  • credentialing.
  • facility maintenance and repair.
  • administrative services.

Maintaining Your Identity

Our medical practice management services protect the identity and reputation you have built through years of hard work, then further amplify your unique message through localized marketing efforts. The goal is to give you the bandwidth to pursue your passion for patient care in ways previously unavailable to you due to the pressures of keeping up with administrative tasks.

Joining PhyNet is not about handing over control; it is about giving yourself the freedom to be the best doctor you can be.

More About PhyNet Dermatology

PhyNet affiliation includes a practice evaluation to identify aspects of the business that can be further improved to maximize efficiency and revenue. By centralizing the various available management services and tapping into a growing pool of shared resources, financial advantages can be significant.

Contact PhyNet Dermatology today to become an affiliate and stop dealing with the hassle of medical practice management. Call (615) 224-7755 or send a message online to start a conversation.